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Chuck Langdon, Ed Cooney and Lee Shephard welcome you to OUT OF THE PAST ONLINE.

This is an extension of the Out Of the Past program featured on Fairfax Cable’s Channel 10.

Our subjects and guests are relevant to many more people than the TV station’s limited coverage. This is our effort to expand the reach of the show and make it available to everyone.

This site will highlight half hour shows that were produced and shown on Fairfax Cable’s channel 10 in Fairfax, Virginia. Chuck Langdon and Lee Shephard, both Washington DC broadcasters since the early 60’s host the show.

Lee Shephard, Don Richards and Chuck Langdon on the OTP set

Behind the Scenes



Continuing with our series on the Legends of the Washington area local broadcasters Out of the Past features an interview with Bob Duckman of WASH-FM and WWDC fame.

Duckman was a featured performer with WASH-FM in 1969 at almost the begining of the nation’s first successful FM MOR (Middle of the Road music format) station. More recently he co-starred on the morning show with Eddie Gallagher on WWDC

Currently Bob is doing middays at WNAV-AM in Annapolis, MD….a full service local station that’s increasingly rare in large metropolitan areas.

Watch the show here beginning in March.

Old Radio is NEW again

Edgar Farr Russell the 3rd is one of the leading writers and producers of
new radio dramas in the “Old Radio” format. He tells how to transform sightless radio into a panarama of the mind.

Watch it HERE

Our Shows ONLINE

Thanks to this website’s newest best friend, Bob Bell (Kaptain Kidshow) we’re now in the process of putting many of the interviews that Chuck Langdon and I have done on Fairfax Cable’s “OUT OF THE PAST.” The first ones that we are featuring are the shows with some of the “legends” of Washington radio and TV.



Her picture was in all the papers, on magazine
covers, and TV throughout America….all proudly proclaiming her as “America’s Sweetheart.”

The year was 1972 and an almost unknown 15 year old girl from Springfield Virginia had just won 3 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS in swimming.See the complete video right HERE.

Other shows :Ellouise Scholetter

One of the area’s outstanding storytellers, Ellouise discusses the rise of the popularity of storytelling, the general structure of a good story, and performs her award winning “Gambling” story.

See the show HERE

An interview with Buddy Belote who tells of the early days of Washington radio and television.

Then, the legendary Bob Raiford who tells, among other things, the famous “firecracker” story that got him fired from WTOP….(the first time.)

(If you want to watch just a portion of one of the shows push the “pause” button to stop the show.) Buddy Belote one of the earliest of WTOP’s technical staff, was one of the best, and most highly respected radio engineers in the business. He began his career with WINX in Maryland. WTOP inherited Buddy when they purchased that station in the early 50’s.


CLICK HERE to see the show

Bob Raiford began his radio career in North Carolina in 1945. He discusses the ups and downs of being a free spirit in the broadcasting business. He freely talks about the several times he was fired over the years. Bob is now a fixture on THE BIG SHOW, a syndicated morning show heard on over 100 radio stations.

BOB RAIFORD Personality

Click HERE to see the show.

Jim Silman was one of the early TV directors at WTOP- TV and CBS. Jim was also a programing executive for WTOP-TV. He directed all the Redskin Broadcasts from the very beginning of TV football coverage in the early 50’s through the early 70’s. As TV program director, he created the Ranger Hal Show.

JIM SILMAN TV Director and Program Executive

Click HERE to see the show
Don Richards replaced Walter Cronkite on the WTOP-TV evening newscast in the early 50’s. He was President Eisenhour’s favorite newscaster. Don also portrayed RAMA of the JUNGLE….a kiddie show which followed the evening news. TV WAS different in those days.

DON RICHARDS Personality

Click HERE to see the show

Julian Barber joined WTOP-TV in the mid 50’s and within a few short years became the number one newscaster in Washington. He held that title for almost 20 years. His “kicker” stories at the end of each newscast became his trade mark. Julian was a serious newscaster with a keen sense of humor which set him apart from the pack.


Click HERE too see the entire show.

Granville Klink Chief Engineer WTOP began his radio career in the 1930’s. In his long career, he worked with Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to Richard Nixon. In this tape he shows one of the microphones used by President Roosevelt in his weekly “Fireside Chats.” Granny was truly one of the “pioneers” of the broadcast industry.GRANVILLE KLINK Longtime Chief Engineer for CBS and WTOP

Ranger Hal Shaw was truly a Washington institution. His kid show was the most popular in town for many years. The adults will enjoy watching their childhood hero, Ranger Hal. (Incidentally, Hal was one of the nicest people you’d ever want to know.)

RANGER HAL SHAW Children’s Show Host

“Lookout Lee” Shephard. In the days when announcers wore many hats, Lee was chosen to fill in for the popular Ranger Hal when he was on vacation.

Ranger Hal’s substitute
(Thankfully, this is very short.)

Ed Walker
was one half of the popular JOY BOYS team, who were heard evenings on WRC radio. Willard Scott was the other JOY BOY and it was the most popular evening radio show in Washington for many years. To listen to some of their classic “bits” go to www.thejoyboys.com
Ed is heard every Sunday night on WAMU FM where he features old radio dramas from the 40’s and 50’s. Ed is probably the most knowledgeable radio historian in the country.


Julian Barber and Wendy Reiger, two of Washington’s premier newscasters informally discuss the broadcasting news business. Very informative.


David French worked locally for WTOP-TV news for a number of years, then went to CNN as the weekend anchor. Dave was among the many WTOP personalities who went from “local” fame to “national” (in Dave’s case international) fame.


Ed Bliss was the writer and editor for Edward R.Murrow’s evening newscasts on CBS radio in the 50’s and early 60’s. Later, he performed the same duties for Walter Cronkite’s evening TV newscast. (He describes himself during those years as “the bald headed man walking around the CBS newsroom handing Cronkite late breaking stories.)ED BLISS Edward R. Murrow’s writer and editor

Bill Trumbull Trumbull is best remembered for the TRUMBULL AND CORE show the popular afternoon drive program that ran for over 20 years on WMAL radio.
Washingtonians still remember features of that show like ‘Boring Facts,” Jackie Bill, the fast talking stand up comedian (Bill Trumbull of course), and the spectacular annual GROSS NATIONAL PARADE down Georgetown’s main street.

BILL TRUMBULL Radio Personality

FRANK HARDEN was half of the most successful Washington morning teams ever: The HARDEN AND WEAVER SHOW heard on WMAL for almost 40 years. Jackson Weaver is no longer with us, but his son, Mark Weaver is now a top newsman for WMAL Radio.


PHIL TRUPP For the past 50 years Trupp has traveled the world over writing the stories that he lives. He has written for major newspapers and publishing houses like the Washington Evening Star Hearst Corp, ABC CAP CITIES, NBC TV, PBS and the Washington Times to name a few.


LEE REYNOLDS was the popular CAPTAIN TUGG seen on WTTG from 1958 till 1966. He started at WTTG as a TV Director. Chuck Langdon interviewed Reynolds in 1993.


BILL MAYHUGH RADIO PERSONALITY is best remembered for his many years with WMAL as the voice of nighttime in Washington. As a former musician, along with Felix Grant, were widely admired for their vast musical knowledge.

BILL MAYHUGH Radio Personality


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